General FAQs

1.What is the differences between Potato Story and Potato Story Plus+?

For Potato Story Plus, we have Potato fries, Sweet potato fries, hash brown, tempura nugget but not Hot dog bun. The beverage menu is totally DIFFERENT from Potato Story: Fruit Tea, Fruit Cheese Slush, Black Pearl Milk Tea, Creme Brûlée Milk Tea, Cheese Cover Milk tea, Matcha, Cocoa, Cappuccino, Green tea. Besides, Gula Apong is available too.

2.Where can I find Potato Story Plus+?

3 outlets in Kuching: 
Aeroville Mall, Cityone Megamall and Plaza Merdeka

1 outlet in Bintulu:
The Spring

1 outlet in Sibu:
Star Megamall

Trading FAQs

1. Can I join Potato Story as franchise?

No with thanks, currently we don't have any franchise opportunity.